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"I chose monochrome(black and white) because there is something that color cannot convey."


Monochrome Artist


Born in Nagano Prefecture. Graduated from Yokohama College of Art, Department of Graphic Design. Painter who excretes the polarities of things in black and white. Having struggled with the contradictions of the world since her teenage years, she has found physical and mental balance through painting. She simplifies concepts and interpretations by turning them into monochrome, and expresses them in black and white, where the contrasts of yin and yang and light and dark are most beautiful. Work is intended to embrace the poles and make us aware of the middle. With the exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in 2022, She began to combine the upcycling of bamboo and mourning dress with contemporary art, and has been widely exhibiting his work both in Japan and abroad. Collectors include a certain overseas artist.

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